Power of mind (5yrs-16yrs)

Course Duration: 2 day full workshop with 5 follow up classes of 2 hours each. 3 levels
In this course we have Brain Gym Exercises, Eye Ball Exercises, Energy Exercises, 3D Image Games, Brainwaves music for Meditation. We also have entertainment like Puzzle Games & Dance activities etc. The benefit of this is to improve our concentration level, Focus level, Intrusion level, Balances our left & right brain & lots more. The benefits of Brain Gym & Eyeball Exercise helps us to become sharper, boosts our confidence level, improves our self-esteem, improves eyesight, increases creativity & communication skills etc.

Improve Memory Skills (5yrs-16yrs)

Course Duration: 20 classes-3 hours each
Memory is the term given to the structures and processes involved in the storage and subsequent retrieval of information. Memory is involved in processing vast amount of information. This information takes many different forms e.g. images,sounds or meanings. The complete Memory Training is in a game format with 10-12 different memory techniques designed to improve your memory, which will in turn enhance your focus to recall information, retention etc.

Vedic maths (5yrs-16yrs)

Course Duration: 100 hours - 1.5 hours each
This program simplifies and makes Math simple & flexible in a manner that motivates students to understand the inner relationship of mathematics and helping many overcome their fear or hatred of mathematics. Successful students can do calculations mentally and at greater speed which saves valuable time during examinations.

Handwriting Improvement (5yrs-16yrs)

Course Duration: 112 classes-2 hours each
If we want to express ourselves on paper we need to have a handwriting which is readable and distinguishable. Keeping this in mind we have designed our Handwriting Improvement classes. Our expert teachers act as your guide and help you to improve your handwriting which in the long run improves you to express yourself to others. Our courses are divided into small curricular activities which makes the learning process not only easy but fun also.

POM Courses for adults

Course Duration: 2 days full workshop. 3 follow up classes 2 hours each.
This workout consists of Brain Gym Exercise, Energy Exercise, Eyeball Exercise, Meditation, Photographic Memory, NLP Training, EFT Training, Puzzle Games, etc. We also discuss about health issues, remove fear from our mind, regain our confidence, more than lecture we will have more and more practical experiments related to different topics like energy, fear, thoughts, etc. Each and every student has to involve in this experiment. Overall this program has proven to be fun filled workshop over two full days.