About Us

We are specialized center that conducts mind training methods of the 21st century, using hi-tech software, interesting games, puzzles, physical, brain gym and energy exercises with music and dance and a whole lot of simple fun activities.

These programs help children and adults to develop their IQ-Intelligent Quotient, SQ-Spiritual Quotient & EQ-Emotional Quotient.

We have programs for all age groups from 6 years to 50 years. These programs of mind training has proven to improve the confidence, concentration levels, memory, quick thinking abilities in both children and adults & also equip them in life skills like concurring control over many related aspects.

Across the country, we are united in dedication to children’s welfare. We visit different schools and localities to teach and empower needy children for free and children who want to take admission in our training centers can enroll themselves by paying a minimum charge. We believe that empowered children will shape a better, safer future. So any contribution from your side will enable us to carry our mission. Whether you contribute financially or as advocate for good, you will make a real difference.