Innovative Methods of Teaching

Our methods consist of games, puzzles and other fun activities which not only enhances education but make it a fun process

Devoted to Early Education

Our course structure are made for small children and started early which helps in nurture of young minds

Skills to Improve Memory

The complete Memory Training is in a game format with 10-12 different memory techniques designed to improve your memory

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what we teach

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We help those who are in need

Global Help is dedicated to serve the people who are in dire need of help

  • To set up and run Computer Training Center in rural/urban areas
  • To set up and run Vocational Training Institutions for the general public
  • To set up and run Skill Development Training Institutions for the general public
  • To set up and run Yoga Institute for general public
  • To take up low-cost housing and low cost sanitation program in rural areas for general public
  • To take up research program in the field of social science, art & Culture
  • To promote communal harmony and cement the national integration of the country
Our motto

Beside you with you always

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About Global Help

We are specialized center that conducts mind training methods of the 21st century, using hi-tech software, interesting games, puzzles, physical, brain gym and energy exercises with music and dance and a whole lot of simple fun activities.

We are here to help!

These programs help children and adults to develop their IQ-Intelligent Quotient, SQ-Spiritual Quotient & EQ-Emotional Quotient.

our sectors

where we can help


Clinical Laboratories, Hospitals, Charitable Dispensaries, Diagnostic Centre and institutions of similar nature for improving the health & hygiene condition.


Educational Institutions, Free coaching Centre, Nursing School, Laboratories, Spoken English Institute and Technological Institutes for general public.


To develop some villages in the rural area as model villages as the ideals of sustainable rural development.

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